Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review 2021

Stefan James promises to teach you how to make money online via affiliate marketing. Is he legit or a scam? Check out my Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.
Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

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Stefan James Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

Chances are you are considering taking the premium affiliate marketing course of Stefan James and surely you don’t want to waste endless hour researching his training.

Worry not as I have done this for you!

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?
  • Is it a total scam or legit training?
  • Is there a discount?
  • Are students actually getting superb results?
  • Does Stefan James have anything to hide?

Keep reading to let the fun begin.

Here Is My Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

stefan james affiliate marketing mastery

Who Are Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is an online affiliate marketing course created by Stefan James promising to teach you how to make money online.

The course was published in 2016.

They claim to help you learn how to turn your hobby into a career that is profitable via affiliate marketing.

And all of this without having to spend your money on paid ads, like in Commission Hero, creating a product or being an expert.

What you learn is a system to make money online.

More specifically, you learn:

  • How to find products to promote
  • How to market your products
  • How to gather leads and convert them into sales earning commissions

This is known as affiliate marketing and they teach you how to use this system with both free and paid traffic.

However, they focus more on free traffic.

Watch this video of Stefan James explaining the affiliate marketing approach he is teaching in his course.

Stefan James was born in Vancouver, Canada and his full name is Stefan James Pylarinos.

His main business is Project Life Mastery.

He is quite a successful entrepreneur.

The Stefan James net worth is millions of dollars according to

Here is a sneak peek of Stefan’s luxury apartment in Panama City.

Stefan James started as a dating coach in 2013 and got into ecommerce and creating online courses over the years.

Here are his top 7 streams of income.

He has a large, loyal fan club but at the same time, he has received a lot of criticism in regards to his Kindle publishing venture.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Affiliate Marketing Course

Before investing your money in an affiliate marketing course, you should pay attention at the following.

Are there any real student success stories?

I have not been able to find any concrete evidence proving that Affiliate Marketing Mastery students get successful results on a regular basis.

In excess of 2,000 students have taken the course yet, finding successful Affiliate Marketing Mastery students is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Most of the course’s testimonials are from students who are taking the course but have not started earning commissions yet, like this one:

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

If you are a fan of Stefan James and find him inspirational and motivational, you might find Affiliate Marketing Mastery a useful course to learn more about digital marketing.

Personally, I am not a fan and the red flags I have found have disappointed me.

Plus, this is being promoted as an affiliate marketing course and not a digital marketing course.

If you are looking for a digital marketing course instead, check out my full Udacity Digital Marketing review here.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this training course though.



Watch these videos to learn more about the accusations of Stefan.

Watch Stefan’s response video.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Features & Benefits

Here is what is included in the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course:

  • 7 modules (Introduction, strategy & mindset, Market research & keywords, Creating your online brand and presence, Content creation, Visitors, followers & building your list, Earning revenue & monetizing your traffic, performance & analytics)
  • 50+ video lessons
  • 30 bonus lessons (Advanced strategies, Case studies, Expert reviews, Website reviews and feedback)
  • Access to a private Facebook group

The private Facebook group currently, has 1.9K members and seems quite active.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

The price of Affiliate Marketing mastery is $997 or you can go for the payment plan option where you make 3 monthly payments of $397.

If you go for the payment plan option however, you will end up paying $194 extra.

The one-time payment option is better.

From time-to-time Stefan James provides an Affiliate Marketing Mastery discount.

Refund Policy

If you decide the training is not for you, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

affiliate marketing mastery money back guarantee

They don’t seem to give a hard time claiming it.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Reviews

I only found a couple of testimonials from student that have been successful.



All other testimonials were from students that show little to no achievement or from people that are not students and simply talk about their success with affiliate marketing in general.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery Alternatives

Given the red flags when it comes to Affiliate Marketing Mastery, let’s have a look at better alternatives.

The Authority Site System By Authority Hacker

This is in my opinion the best affiliate marketing course you will find. You will learn how to build an authority site and use free traffic from Google to earn commissions.

Get the course with a $398 discount here.

Or, read my full Authority Hacker review here.

Commission Hero By Robby Blanchard

This is an excellent option if you are looking for an affiliate marketing course focusing on paid traffic instead. You will earn commission faster but will need a much bigger budget as you will need to spend money on Facebook ads.

Read my full Commission Hero review here.

Skillshare Affiliate Marketing

This is a decent course if you simply want to get an idea about affiliate marketing without spending a fortune.

There is a way to take this premium course for free.

Get two weeks of premium for free here.

What Next?

I hope my Affiliate Marketing Mastery review was useful.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is certainly not a scam.

It’s got tons of content and an active community on Facebook.

It also has a 30-day money back guarantee that they actually honor.

But almost all student testimonials show no to little achievement.

You can explore other popular affiliate marketing courses here.

And if you are on a tight budget, you can check out my best free affiliate marketing course list here.

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Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review [year] - Be Your Maverick

Stefan James promises to teach you how to make money online via affiliate marketing. Is he legit or a scam? Check out my Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.

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