7 Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

If getting paid daily is essential for you, there are affiliate programs that pay out earnings daily. Here is my list of 7 affiliate programs that pay daily.
7 Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

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Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

You’ve earned your commission from an affiliate program that you’ve joined but you cannot cash out until a month has passed. That sucks, doesn’t it?

If getting paid daily is essential for you, there are affiliate programs that pay out earnings daily.

Here Is My List Of 7 Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

1.    Warriorplus


Warriorplus is considered as the most trusted affiliate program when it comes to digital products such as software and education products. Their vendor community keeps expanding. It’s an easy-to-use program and can benefit from instant payments.

2.    JVZoo


JVZoo also pays instant commissions. They focus on digital products as well but they are involved in a wider range of niches for example, business, self-improvement, e-commerce or health & fitness to name a few. You can promote products such as software and online courses. Rest assured there are plenty of options but don’t get overwhelmed as they have a search function you can use to identify the products that interest you.

3.    AdCrax Affiliates


AdCrax Affiliates focuses on the mobile market by allowing you to monetize your games, sites and apps. They offer daily payouts but also, pay per click.

4.    Peerfly


Peerfly is a cost per action network. Established brands such as Fiverr and Uber get promoted on this network. They do offer daily payments but there is a catch. A 24% interest fee is applied on on-demand payments. Alternatively, you could wait for at least weekly payments without an interest fee.

5.    Dr.cash


Dr.cash focuses on neutraceuticals in the healthcare niche. There is a range of product categories offered such as weight loss, testosterone, vitamins, skincare and more. It is a relatively newer program as it launched in 2016. This affiliate program doesn’t pay daily but wait for it…..it pays twice per day!

6.    Mobidea


Mobidea focuses on mobile cpa advertising. This way you can earn consistent payments. They offer products from a range of categories such as health, beauty, dating, games and videos. They do offer daily payments but only on business days unless you are a VIP. Then, you can get paid on weekends too.

7.    TerraLeads


TerraLeads act as the merchant, publisher and network. They create and promote neutraceuticals such as health foods, skincare and weight loss products. They are produced in Europe meeting the clinical trials standards imposed by the European Union. Apart from commissions, you can also earn T-Coins. These rewards can be traded for prizes like TVs and even cars. With Terraleads you get paid instantly provided their representative approves your sale.

Final Thoughts Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

These affiliate programs that pay you daily not having you wait to cash out your hard-earned commissions. However, payment frequency is not the only factor to consider when choosing an affiliate program. You should also look at factors like a program’s trustworthiness, products offered and commission rates.

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