Authority Hacker Review

Authority Hacker Review

What You Need To Know About The Authority Site System In This Authority Hacker Review

As someone who has developed and established my own website, I know how frustrating it can be to deal with online marketing. The truth is, no one wants to host cheesy ads or flood their pages with obnoxious pop-ups, but we also have a living to make.

Because I know what it’s like to sift through affiliate marketing courses and other online products, I’ve decided to do an Authority Hacker review to give you everything you need to know: upfront, honest, and personal.

Here is my Authority Hacker Review.

Who are Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker, established by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, gained their fame back in 2019 by selling their own authority site for an impressive amount in the mind 6 figures after working on it for just 18 months. They have since been building and running numerous profitable authority sites with great success.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate marketing is what happens when you earn a commission after promoting someone else’s product. For example, you might read a blog post on the top ten sunscreens for the summer that contain a few links here and there to a specific brand. Chances are, the blogger receives payment for things like views, clicks, or purchases of that brand.

While it sounds super simple and well worth it for a paycheck, some programs and courses help individuals master this process. Consider the following points before diving headfirst into one of these courses.

There is No Such a Thing as Too Easy

Some affiliate marketing programs use a lot of buzzwords to capture the attention of potential buyers. They suck you in with words like “Money on Demand” or “Fast Money.”

While these things may sound good, the salesy language used should be an automatic red flag that the company might not be very honest or effective.

The best affiliate marketing courses will offer comprehensive information for gaining success with affiliate marketing. It will cover everything you need to know, rather than trying to catapult you to the top with quick fixes. Like anything else in life, affiliate marketing takes time and lots of learning, so a course that promises otherwise is likely not a trustworthy program.

Paid Advertising and Free Traffic

Along with lots of diverse and helpful content, your best affiliate marketing courses will offer lessons on both paid advertising and free traffic. Some courses only teach about paid traffic—which, if you’re not financially established yet, can be detrimental to your budget.

A good affiliate marketing course will give you instruction within paid traffic, but it will also explore the tools of free traffic as well as effective SEO.

Authority Hacker

There’s a reason why Authority Hacker has so many positive reviews and happy customers. While it’s an affiliate marketing course similar to others, it stands out against lesser versions and obviously outranks scam sites to the max.

Authority Hacker has three different products: Authority Hacker Pro, the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint, and the Authority Site System. Today, we’ll be focusing on the Authority Site System.

With the Authority Site System, you get tons of features and benefits that are actually useful – not just meaningless information that gets you nowhere.

The Authority Site System is a beginner-level course that helps individuals develop new stage one authority sites from the ground up. Because it’s made for those just starting out, it makes learning simple by breaking everything down into clear steps.

Like everything you find on the internet, the Authority Site System has its pros and cons. Check them out quickly here:


  • Simplified steps for beginners and brand-new websites
  • Delivers learning through real-life case studies
  • Offers hands-on support through coaches and support groups
  • Unique and useful perspectives from two successful businessmen
  • The course offers a money-back guarantee
  • Up to date information with unique and effective strategies


  • Over 130 videos along with text, resources, etc. can be overwhelming
  • Expensive to buy the course
  • Time-consuming
  • Requires some investments in tools like AHREFS

Below, you can read more of the specific features Authority Hacker’s Authority Site System offers.

Authority Site System: Features & Benefits

The features of the Authority Site System are what has brought the program so much success—along with the people who invest in it. Let’s take a closer look at what this program has to offer and how it can benefit you before you decide to purchase it.

Video Content

A lot of people stray from taking online courses and such these days because they simply don’t have enough time in their day to sit and read through a giant textbook. One of the great features of the Authority Site System is that much of it is in video form.

While it’s true that watching videos still takes up a good chunk of time, it is quicker for most people than reading. Plus, you can do it while you’re doing other things like working out, feeding the baby, and even cooking dinner.

Every video also comes with a text summary, meaning you don’t necessarily have to rewatch the whole thing if you need a refresher.

Tracking Progress

The whole course is laid out and organized into modules numbered 0 to 6. When you start a module, you click into it to find its content. Everything is divided into lessons within the module, and once you’ve completed something, you can check it off to mark that you’ve done it.

This may seem like a tiny feature, but it’s worth mentioning because it makes it easier to organize your progress with so much content. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you already have enough in your life to worry about.

The Modules

This wouldn’t be any kind of quality review if I didn’t talk about the specific modules that this course covers. You want to hear all the good stuff, so the following list is what the modules cover:

  • 0 – Preliminary Lessons
  • 1 – The Authority Site Model & Online Marketing 101
  • 2- Niches Research and Site Planning
  • 3 – Site Setup
  • 4 – Content Creation
  • 5 – Link Building
  • 6 – Once You’re Done…

As we mentioned earlier, the above modules are each split up into lessons that contain videos, text, templates, discussions, and more. It’s all solid, quality information that follows the uniform, step-by-step process – making it perfect for beginners.

While some of these modules are self-explanatory, it’s more fun for us to go through each of them and give a sneak peek of the things you’ll be learning if you purchase this course.

Module 0

In stage 0, you will dive into Preliminary Lessons. What this basically means is, welcome to the course; here’s what you can expect. This first module is just an introduction that teaches you how to navigate the system, use the tools, and interact with the community.

Module 1

Module 1, or The Authority Site Model and Online Marketing 101, addresses the basics of authority sites: how do they get web traffic, how do they make money, how to use affiliate marketing and SEO, etc. These are the basics that will follow you throughout the course.

Module 2

Module 2 covers everything you need to know about Niche Research and Site Planning. With over 20 videos and a lot of content, this is the biggest portion of the website. But it’s also one of the most important sections.

The section is chock full of useful information. It doesn’t just address how to complete niche research; it offers individual lessons across large sites, small sites, physical products, easy keywords, and more.

Plus, there’s information on how to choose your niche, expand your content, and actually structure your physical website. So, while it may be tempting to skip over a few of the niches that seemingly don’t apply to you, I highly recommend you don’t do that.

Module 3

Site Setup is what you will learn about in Module 3. Assuming that you’re setting your site up from scratch, this section walks you through the proper way to establish your website. The experts here will guide you through building your site using WordPress, but you’ll also need to use a hosting site and have a domain name.

Within this section, you will also learn about specific pages on your website like the contact page, privacy policies, your about section, and more. A lot of your core stuff happens here, setting you up for Module 4.

Module 4

In the fourth module, you will research, write, and create high-quality content for your website. This section is extremely important, as it is the meat to your site and brand.

In this module, you’ll be handed templates that will help you structure your content. You will also learn how to source content if you don’t plan on creating it yourself. This means finding writers, graphic designers, and other professionals to fill your web pages.

Finally, module 4 goes more in-depth on SEO and how to implement it onto each page that you create.

Module 5

Module 5 comes after you’ve structured your site, set it up, and created several active articles. This section moves onto lessen in link building, which is super important to having a successful authority site.

The benefits of this section are that the cost of learning how to build your own links and make your site more popular is included in the course. The reason I mention this is because you can pay certain services to do this part for you, but it adds up quickly and could be a huge financial burden.

Authority Hacker teaches you how to do this yourself and even includes an automated process to save you some time.

Link building can be an intimidating process for newcomers, but the Authority Site System gives you step-by-step instructions that include every detail you need to know to succeed.

Module 6

And finally, module 6, or the “Once You’re Done” section, just kind of wraps things up and says thanks for being here. In this final step, you can review everything that you’ve done and move on with confidence knowing you have the tools you need to succeed.

Authority Site System: Social Proof

A lot of the Authority Site System students seem to be getting great results following what they learned in the Authority Hacker affiliate marketing course.

Here are some examples that can be found on the TASS sales page:

Authority Site System: Social Proof Authority Site System: Social Proof Authority Site System: Social Proof

Authority Site System: Social Proof Authority Site System: Social Proof

How it Compares— Authority Hacker Alternatives

Even though I think Authority Hacker has something truly special here and will recommend it until I go blue in the face, I would also never tell someone to buy the first good product they hear about.

That being said, if this is the first affiliate marketing course you’ve checked out, then go ahead and look at these alternatives to Authority Hacker. You should be aware of the other quality products out there before making a financial decision.

Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker Pro is like the big brother of the Authority Site System. While the latter is best for stage one authority sites that generate as much as $1,000 monthly, Authority Hacker Pro was made for individuals already in the authority site business.

Authority Hacker Pro helps people advance their already up and running websites, expanding upon their income and taking the site to its potential and beyond.

With Authority Hacker Pro, experienced site builders will learn about advanced techniques, including social media traffic, course creation, backlinks, and email marketing.

Check out how Sumit Bansal built a 5 figures per month Online Marketing Empire.

The course is currently closed, but you can sign up with your email for updates through the link above.

Commission Hero

Commission Hero is a three-step system that guides beginners with no experience to earning income on their authority sites. This course is very similar to the Authority Site System, which makes it an excellent alternative. It includes many of the same things: video content, text summaries, templates, and an engaging community.

It also costs exactly the same at $997, so there’s no loss there. However, there are some hidden fees for additional tools and options. Check out the site using the link in the heading above.

Udemy – Affiliate Marketing Course

Udemy offers another very popular affiliate marketing course made specifically for beginners. It covers the sector’s best practices from the ground up, steering individuals to success to generate an online income.

The course has tons of success stories and high ratings, and it only costs $59.99. This fee includes 3.5 hours of video, an article, downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion.

The above is only the beginner’s course for affiliate marketing; the site also has several other resources for purchase, including other specific courses and materials. Take a look at some of their offered courses at the link above.


Starting your own website is tough enough without having to worry about how you’re going to make a profit with it. Authority Hacker’s Authority Site System offers simple, step-by-step instructions on how to make the most with your site via affiliate marketing. Through videos, written content, and access to community discussions, you, too, can start making solid income with your site from anywhere. If you think you might be interested after reading this Authority Hacker review, I suggest to watch this free webinar of Gael and Mark here to get an overview of the entire system.

If on the other hand, you’ve already made up your mind and want to sign up for TASS, gift yourself this big $398 discount!

How To Make Money Online Step By Step

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