What Is Liza Koshy Net Worth

Liza Koshy is a famous YouTuber focusing on comedy making around $25,000 on a monthly basis on YouTube. Read on to find out the Liza Koshy net worth.
What Is Liza Koshy Net Worth?

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Liza Koshy Net Worth Breakdown

Liza Koshy is a famous YouTuber focusing on comedy making around $25,000 on a monthly basis from her YouTube venture. She is also a television host and actress.

Here Is The Liza Koshy Net Worth Breakdown

What Is Liza Koshy Net Worth?

As of October 2020, the Liza Koshy net worth is approximately $6 million.

How Does Liza Koshy Make Money Online?

She create comedy content on YouTube as well as content related to what she experiences in her life on a daily basis.

What her fans seem to love about her the most is her humor and loud facial expressions.

Check out her most popular YouTube video.

Liza did not start her career on YouTube but on Vine instead, yes Vine was a thing once upon a time, back in 2013, hacing in excess of 7 million followers.

She created her first YouTube channel in 2015. She now has two channels.

  1. Liza Koshy (with almost 18 million subscribers)
  2. Liza Koshy Too (with almost 8 million subscribers)

You might have heard of the YouTube Premium comedy series called Liza On Demand from 2018. Watch the first episode.

She makes money from her YouTuber channels in a number of ways.

  • YouTube ads
  • Video sponsorships from Nike and Calvin Klein to name a few
  • YouTube Premium shows
  • Beauty products sales (it is worth mentioning that she used to be a brand ambassador for C’est Moi and launched her signature cosmetics line Liza Koshy x C’est Moi)

She has also served as a host of Total Request Live on MTV and acted in a range of movies as per her IMDB.

How Much Money Does Liza Koshy Make Online?

According to Social Blade figures, in 2020, she makes between $3K – $47K on a monthly basis from YouTube ad revenue.

No information has been found in regards to her other online money making activities.

How Did Liza Koshy Become Rich?

Liza has talked all about her starting point and course of YouTube career in this interview.

She made her first steps on Vine in 2013, creating short comedy videos. This was followed by creating her first YouTube channel producing and uploading comedy videos using her daily life as the main topic.

Watch one of her first videos on her YouTube channel.

She started studying Business Management at University of Houston but dropped out after her freshman year to move to Los Angeles, USA and pursue a career as an actor.

November 2016 was a huge milestone in her career as she got to interview Barack Obama right before the elections.

Watch the interview.

Liza Koshy takes every opportunity that comes her way to thank her parents for being so supportive of her acting and YouTube career.

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