What Is MKBHD Marques Brownlee Net Worth

MKBHD is an American Tech YouTuber making about $193,000 per month from YouTube. What is the Marques Brownlee net worth?
What Is MKBHD Marques Brownlee Net Worth

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MKBHD Marques Brownlee Net Worth Breakdown

Marques Keith Brownlee is an American Tech YouTuber making about $193,000 per month from YouTube. Professionally, he is also known as MKBHD. It stands for Marques Keith Brownlee High Definition as HD was YouTube’s top resolution when he came up with it. He was born on December 3rd, 1993 in New Jersey, USA. He is famous mostly for his tech focused videos and podcast. He creates in depth reviews of the latest tech products such as laptops, game consoles, smartphones and more and interviews famous personalities on his show called Talking Tech.

Watch this example where he is unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Or, this interview with Elon Musk.

Here Is The MKBHD Marques Brownlee Net Worth Breakdown

Marques Brownlee with Kobe Bryant

What Is MKBHD Marques Brownlee Net Worth?

Based on Tech Times figures, as of September 2020, the MKBHD Marques Brownlee net worth is $1.9 million.

How Does MKBHD Marques Brownlee Make Money Online?

His YouTube Chanel, Marques Brownlee, is all about quality tech videos and has 13 million subscribers.

According to Social Blade, his channel is one of YouTube’s most subscribed tech channels.

Apart from his YouTube channel, he also Wavefront: The MKBHD Podcast that is available on platforms like Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.

His work has also been featured on well known publication such as Time and Business Insider.

MKBHD makes money online in a variety of ways.

  • YouTube ads
  • Spotify podcast ads
  • Affiliate marketing revenue
  • Brand deals with Tesla, Google and others
  • Video sponsorships with GoPro, D Brand and others
  • MKBHD brand merch sold on Cotton Bureau shop

How Much Money Does MKBHD Marques Brownlee Make Online?

Mined Tactics has estimated that he makes between $2.06 and $2.58 million on an annual basis online.

Watch the Mined Tactics video “How much money MKBHD earns (LEAKED) – 2020 Net Worth”.

On a Y Combinator video, Marques Brownlee revealed that in 2019, he earned $1.03 million of YouTube ad revenue.

Watch the Y Combinator video “Marques Brownlee on building an audience and other advice for creators”.

40%-50% of his total business revenue stems from the money he makes online on YouTube.

How Did MKBHD Marques Brownlee Become Rich?

A video from Draw Their Life showcases the life of Marques Brownlee and is worth watching.

He uploaded his very first video on YouTube while still being a high school student. He started with tutorial screencasts and, already owned, hardware reviews in 2009.

Here is his very first video.

He got the tech bug from his father who was a IT consultant.

In 2010, he also started writing reviews on Droid life and other sites.

In 2016, he graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology, where he studied Business and Information Technology.

He then, embarked on a full time career as a YouTuber.

MHBHD is now, perceived as the go to tech expert and attracted a massive following.

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