Walmart Affiliate Program Review

Walmart affiliate program is considered as the biggest competitor of Amazon. But is this really the case? Check out my Walmart Affiliate Program Review.
Walmart Affiliate Program review

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How To Become A Walmart Affiliate

Walmart affiliate program is considered as the biggest competitor of Amazon Associates when it comes to North America.

They are a huge company so one could argue that they offer one of the best affiliate programs in the market.

But is this really the case?

Let’s have a look at this Walmart Affiliate program review.


What Is

Walmart was founded by Sam Walton and opened its very first store in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, USA.

Sam Walton’s moto was “the lowest prices anytime, anywhere”.

By 1992, they had 1,928 stores with 371,000 associates, the Walmart term for employees.

In 2015, they were present in 27 countries with 11,00o stores.

Products To Promote On Walmart Affiliate Program

That’s a tough question to answer as the range of products you can promote is as wide as it can get!

It outperforms target and often, compared to Amazon. Amazon dominates online retailing and it tries to penetrate offline retailing whereas Walmart dominates offline retailing while it is trying to catch up with online retailing.

On Which Affiliate Marketplace Does The Walmart Affiliate Program Run?

The Walmart affiliate program can be found on Impact Radius. The same marketplace where you can find Target’s affiliate program.

You get access to various banner ads, creatives and tools to generate your affiliate links.

For your application to get approve, you need to comply with the following rules:

  • You need to have a family friendly website
  • The biggest chunk of your traffic needs to come from North America
  • You need to have an active site upon applying

It is important to highlight that they prohibit “sites that contain only blogging and no other form of informational content” from joining. I’m not sure what they mean by that. But I find it difficult to believe that they mean blogs.

Walmart Affiliate Rates

Their commission rates are relatively low. They range between 1%-4% except for contact lenses and business & personal checks.

Walmart Affiliate Rates

On their defence, they have massive overheads to cover.

This could explain the low commission rates.

They have one major benefit in comparison to Target. They allow you to earn commission across ALL categories that are popular.

There are a few categories that are the exception, however.

  • Automotive tires
  • Precious metals
  • Food
  • Gift cards
  • Video game hardware
  • Bikes
  • Household paper & chemicals
  • Pharmacy
  • Baby consumables
  • Optical

There is a 3-day cookie policy. This is worse than Target but better than Amazon.

Moreover, they provide you with a tool to generate HTML or JavaScript code to incorporate a ‘Buy Now’ button for the products you want to promote on your site.

This way your site visitors click on the button and get directed straight to the Walmart checkout screen.

This is aimed at improving conversion rates by eliminating possible objections.

In terms of payment frequency, if you sell a product today, you won’t receive a payment for 60 days.

Walmart Affiliate Program Reviews

Let’s have a look at what other people think of the Walmart Affiliate Program.

There seem to be quite a few issues.

There are third party Chrome extensions available but are unusable. The same applies for the Walmart Affiliate Link WordPress plug in that was last updated 5 years ago!

Walmart WordPress plug in

On top of everything, a lot of applications approved by its competitors seem to get rejected.

Walmart affiliates don’t seem to be happy either. They complain about the low commission rates or program structure and prefer Amazon.

Walmart Affiliate Program Reviews

Walmart Affiliate Program Reviews

Walmart Affiliate Program Reviews

Walmart Affiliate Program Pros & Cons

Now that we have reviewed in-depth the Walmart Affiliate Program, let’s weigh it all up.


  • Massive range of products
  • Huge brand name
  • SDK tool
  • Top selling products data feed


  • Low commission rates
  • Outdated WordPress plugin and defunct Chrome extensions
  • Relatively low conversion rates

What Next?

The Walmart affiliate program impresses with its huge brand name recognition at first glance, but the truth is, they have not caught up with competition such as Amazon or Target.

On the other hand, if you focus on promoting the 4% commission rates products, you can earn decent commissions.

Besides you are getting into affiliate marketing to start an online business from scratch and ditch your corporate job.

If you want to learn more about the systems that allowed me to exactly the same, check out this free web-class.

You will learn the basics of getting an affiliate site up and running  and it won’t cost you anything.

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Walmart Affiliate Program Review 2021 - Be Your Maverick

Walmart affiliate program is considered as the biggest competitor of Amazon. But is this really the case? Check out my Walmart Affiliate Program Review.

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